Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcoming A New Polishaholic To The Community!

Hey Guys!!

Today I want to shine a light on a new polishaholic.  I know that everyday there's are tons of new ones, but this one's a tiny bit different from the rest.  Her name is Abby and she's very sweet!  The reason for her fascination with polish is without a doubt because of me. *Pats self on back*  How do I know this you ask?  Simple! I babysit her and her brother everyday. She's 2. Yes- awwwwwwe!!  Since day one of babysitting I've wanted to get my hands on her nails, and now I finally have!!
She's a natural!
Of course why should I have all the fun with the paint?...
Colors used:
NYC "Big City Dazzle"
It was nice to have that special "bonding" moment with her, and I can't wait to try art on her!!

Until next time, stay SparKylie!


  1. mh maybe she's too young..but I find the enthusiasm with which you talk about that bonding moment with her really cute! at the beginning i sow the pics and thought that your hosted blogger had really small nails for a polish addict..lol! ok, and I bet those sparkles on your piano nails and all over your fingers are her art? i would have removed just the amount on your skin, the rest doesn't look bad on black and white of your design ;)

    1. I personally don't think anyone is too youg for polish. If their under like 6 have a guardian or a parent supervise them why shouldn't they have a little fun! :)

  2. I think this little girl is an amazing model! I can't even hold a polish bottle as this little girl can.