Friday, November 23, 2012

Lazy 15 #10 Underwater Creatures/Water Mythical Creatures!

Hey guys!
For this challenge I thought I go somewhere along the lines of last challenge and go Disney! 
Just think, who lives underwater and is considered a mythical creature?
I thought it would be fun to try this design and go outside the box!
I'm also getting the hang of doing faces and cartoons! 
Its a short blog tonight but only because its late and I forgot it was Lazy 15 day >_<

I hope you like it cause I know I do!!!

Until next time stay SparKylie! 



  1. so cute!!! love the little mermaid!

  2. You are getting very good at freehand! :) Love this!

  3. YAY COMMENTS! You're really good dude! Now put a better camera on your Xmas list =P

  4. These are really good! I came to tell you, I am so excited Sparkyl!e, I did a post on my blog with 3D 1D nails inspired by you!

  5. Very cute! Hey! Ur comments are back. LOL

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  7. Love it love love it! haha..Ursula boobs!! LOL!