Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Transgender Remembrance Day

Ugh, I forgot about today's post!

Hey guys!
Fitzy aka Lacquer Lad - or is it the other way around? Hmmm ponder...- anyway Fitzy informed us (the subscribers) - Become one right here lacquerlad.blogspot.com "ding"- that November 20th (today) is Transgender Remembrance Day. I personally don't know any transgender people (not by choice) but I feel very strongly about this. As a Christian most of my friends feel strongly about this too but in a different way. It gets to me when "Christian's" say "Oh well Jesus love everyone... But"! I don't know what Bible they read but my Bible says that Jesus love everyone PERIOD! No ifs and's or buts to it! When I hear about a death caused by transphobic hate I don't just feel bad for the victims family but also for the hater because - here comes a Jesus Freak moment- whether or not they call themselves Christian or not they don't have Jesus in their life! I promise I'm NOT a bible thumper!

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I hope you like these and take the time to remember lose who have lost the battle of bullying! 

                                                                       Until next time stay SparKylie!