Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thirst Project Nail Art!! (Charity Tuesday)

Hey Guys!!

It's Tuesday again!!  Today's charity is focused on water. Thirst Project!

The Problem:

"Almost 1 Billion on our planet don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water and proper sanitization. That’s one in every eight of us. 4,400 children die every day from diseases caused by contaminated water. That’s huge. That’s approximately one child every 15 seconds. 80% of all global diseases are water-borne and result from drinking contaminated water. These diseases kill more than 2.2 million people every year." - Thirst Project

The Solution:

"Water. Water is the problem. Water is the solution. It might not cost as much to build and maintain a freshwater well as you think. The average cost for us to build a freshwater well in the developing nations we work in ranges between $7,500 to $15,000. That means an entire COMMUNITY of people’s lives can be forever saved for as little as $7.5K!" - Thirst Project
This picture.  This simple photoghraph is what started it all.  Founder Seth Maxwell became "loosley" aware of the global water crisis in 2007.  He was only 19!  19!!
I was only able to get one picture because I didn't do a lot of art and I could only get one clear shot.  I'm so upset!!

I hope you guys like this mani and check out Thirst Project for more info on the need for clean water.

Until next time, stay SparKylie!

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